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It’s a Lushie Easter!

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Hi guys, so I’ve been missing, yet again *insert dramatic hair flip here* but this time for a really, really fun reason…I got to go to Cape Town for a couple of days and yes you guessed it, I just had to go visit Lush. My very first time in a Lush store, a day a girl will always remember….

Let me just start off by saying, when you go into a Lush store you have to hold onto two things. 1 – Your Santity and 2 – Your money, you are seriously inclined to lose both of these. I’m used to ordering Lush from the online store, where you aren’t blinded by the gorgeous scents and pretty things all around, so going into the Lush store was an entire experience on its own.

I visited the Lush in Canal Walk and was assisted by Seymone, she was so helpful and chirpy and added the glitter to the magic that is the Lush experience, the other ladies working were amazing as well and even popped a visit onto my blog right in the store!

But now let’s get to the part where Easter is fun with 0% calories because Lush made 100% sure that we can have all the fun, this is what I picked up from the store:

Bunch Of Carrots

This is the only bubble bar from the 2016 Easter collection and it smells sooo good. What Lush says “Dig up the dirt on refreshing tropical bathing with this adorable trio of carrots. Bubbly clouds of buchu, lemon and grapefruit oils revive the senses.”

Fluffy Egg

Pink with a tiny flower, scented like the carnival, the perfect little Easter egg. What Lush says: “Pretty in pink, this bath bomb is better than any chocolate egg. The smell of candy floss will satiate even the sweetest tooth.”

Golden Egg

A sparkly egg that smells like honey and toffee? How could I not, and the best is the glitter is made of sea weed so you don’t end up with artificial glitter down the drain, so clever! Lush says: “How do you like your legs in the morning? We like ours soaking in honey-toffee scented molten gold, packed full of Fair Trade Colombian cocoa butter.”

What came first?

This pretty giant Easter egg just had to come home with me. What Lush says “What came first: the chicken, the egg or the bunny? Normally we’d advise you not to count your eggs before they’re hatched but in this case we’re safe to say there is a surprise waiting inside…Break your gorgeously zesty pink egg in two to find another chick bath bomb inside, giving you enough fun for three baths this Easter.” Now the problem is, how do I go about breaking this egg?!

So ladies and gents, that is what I got for myself on my first trip to Lush, besides the gift sets there are two other Easter goodies available Bouncy Bunny Shower Jelly and Humpty Dumpty Bath Bomb.

I am ending this post by wishing you all an amazing Easter, much love…

It's a Lushie Easter! 1



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