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First Ever Lush Haul!

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Hi gorgeous ladies and the odd gent,  now that hubby’s gone over to the Netherlands and got settled in I have a little less on my plate. As darling as my husband is, he left me with a pretty amazing parting/early valentines day gift, in the form of a little load of Lush goodness! A Lush Haul.

I was lucky enough to snatch up two of the new items and some others which I’ve seen are some favourites. This is the first time I’ve ever purchased from Lush myself but I’ve used Lush goodies before, gifted to my by some amazing lady friends, but this time I have a huge jar of Lush love alll to myself. My ordered included 3 bubble bars, 3 ballistics and 2 bath melts.

Lush Haul

So here is a breakdown of what’s in my Lush haul:

A French Kiss ( 100g )  R62.50 – One of the new bubble bars

I’m not the biggest fan of lavender but this bubble bar just looked too good not to get! It promises soft herbal kisses of  fresh rosemary and lavender in the shape of a bubble bath, containing extra virgin coconut oil it’s going to leave my skin feeling super soft. I can’t wait to get transported to the South of France.

French Kiss

Granny Takes A Dip ( 100g )  R48.50

I actually received this as a gift from a friend while my Lush order was en-route, the fresh citrus and spicy scent that fills the air when using this bubble bar is amazingly refreshing and just gives you a little boost of energy. The pretty coloured bubble bar is easily cut in half and I could have two baths filled with bubbles to the brim! And lets not forget the 60s colour theme.

granny takes a dip

Milky Bath ( 125g ) R48.50

he idea of taking a bath in milk like Cleopatra? How could I pass that up?! Containing skimmed milk and orange oil this just sounds like a bubble bath waiting to happen that will leave me feeling like a queen. A cocoa butter bottle top adds a little bit of extra softness and I’m sure I spotted some glitter…..

milky bath

Dragon’s Egg ( 180g ) R52.50

I love anything that has something to do with fantasy, so the idea of popping a dragons egg into my tub just sounds like a chance I can’t pass up! The main ingredient in this ballistic is Lemon oil and it promises loads of fireworks!

Dragon's Egg

The Experimenter ( 200g ) R65.00

The vibrant colours and shape of this ballistic landed it in my my shopping cart, best of all it contains vanilla, and you guys know how I feel about vanilla by now!

The Experimenter

Sakura ( 220g ) R52.50

I’m obsessed with cherry blossoms, not only are they pretty, they smell pretty amazing as well and not only does this ballistic smell like cherry blossoms, it contains jasmine as well, my hubby’s favourite scent. I can’t wait to experience the burst of spring!


Floating Island Bath Oil ( 20g ) R39.50

Shae butter and vanilla floating in my tub, what more could I ask for?! This bath melt just sounds divine.

floating Island

Ceridwen’s Cauldron ( 80g ) R78.50

The description of the bath melt had my hubby going, add it in the cart, add it in the cart. The melt is made from so many delicious skin feeding ingredients, my skin is going to be left super soft, and as it says on the lush site: According to the spell it is based on, if you spit three times in the water, your wish will come true….now I’m not sure if I’m comfortable with that!

Ceridwen's Cauldron

I received little samples of Cup O’Coffee which is a face mask and The Comforter Shower Cream, which smells absolutely divine. Leave me a comment and let me know what are some of your favourite lush goodies because I see another order in my near future!


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  1. Candice Petersen

    Oh wow so many lush goodies!!! granny takes a dip is definitely a favorite

    Candice | Beauty Candy Loves

    1. Lizna Erkelens

      So far I’ve only used 1! I can’t wait to dig into them a bit more x

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