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Life Lately….

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Hi guys, it’s that time again where I give you a peep into my life and an explanation on why my blog posts has been all over the place. Some weeks I post often and some weeks I don’t post at all, so here is me letting the cat out of the bag. Life Lately …

As some of you know my husband is Dutch born, we’ve been having tons of issues with home affairs and co with his visa, which seems to be “M I S S I N G” (Yes we’ve phoned 23 different phone numbers and his visa can’t be counted for) Without one visa application being done and dusted another application can’t be opened, so he can’t work and he’s stuck on a student visa. This is leaving us with no other option but to take a leap of faith and hubby is now moving back to the Netherlands, leaving January 14th, that’s just over 2 months away and obviously I am rather emotional about the entire situation.

Where to now

The question of when, if, how I will be joining him there is still a whole lot of ifs and buts, the Dutch rules and regulations is rather strict with an entire long list of conditions for me to be able to live there permanently, just thinking about it makes my head spin in a million directions. It can take up to a year for everything to fall into place.

So all in all in a nutshell, although I love my blog and being able to share goodies, recipes and products with you guys, for the time being I just don’t feel inspired to write that often, but I will however write as the inspiration hits me. For me blogging is not about just posting for the sake of posting so when I feel inspired to write you guys would definitely be hearing from me!


Life Lately.... 1



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  1. Janneke

    Oh no, can’t believe they can be so stupid to lose something as important and then not be able to find a solution. Will keep you in my prayers that this will be sorted soon and that you and your husband will be reunited swiftly


    1. Lizna Erkelens

      Thank you so much Janneke xx

  2. Ilona Fourie

    Thinking of you???? stay strong

    1. Lizna Erkelens

      Thank you Ilona <3

    1. Lizna Erkelens

      Thanx hun, me too!

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