How to stay feeling fresh all day!
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How to stay feeling fresh all day!

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Hi ladies! Today I’m taking on one of those “taboo” subjects, that one we always wonder about but never really have the guts to talk about out loud, sometimes not even with our best friends and that is how to deal with body odor. If you’ve ever had that feeling during summer where you could really need a shower, right now, but it’s not even noon yet, then this post is for you! Keep reading to find out what my top tips and products are for staying fresh.

Body odor is not caused by sweat itself, but when bacteria that live on our skin breaks down sweat into acids. So the first step into feeling fresh all day is by starting off fresh, personal hygiene plays a really important role so the best decision is to take a shower in morning. On top of my body wash I use:

Lil-Lets Créme Wash

This intimate wash has been specially formulated to help maintain the natural pH balance of the intimate area and it’s gently scented with milk extracts and vitamin B3 to soothe and refresh. This wash contains “Deoguard” as well and which with regular use assists in controlling odour. I’ve been using my Lil-Lets intimate wash for a couple of months and I can honestly tell you ladies that I swear by it. I experimented a bit with the other products in this range but the créme wash is by far my favourite.

It has a really fresh feminine scent and cleanses without drying the skin, it’s really gentle and I can use it on a daily basis without it irritating my skin.


After showering or bathing it’s important to dry your skin really well and just to make sure I’m dry all over, and for sweat absorption during the day I rub a powder onto my skin, concentrating on those areas where I tend to sweat a little bit more. I’ve tried a couple of different body powders ranging from baby powder to talc but my favourite is:

Nivea Fine Talc Powder

This powder keeps me dry all day, smells great and leaves my skin feeling really soft and smooth.  I picked this up at Dischem a month or two ago and I don’t think I’d ever use another powder again.


Last but not least is one of the biggest culprits when it comes to body odor and that’s the underarm area, for staying fresh I have only one solution. I’ve been experimenting with deodorants since I could remember and my go to is:

Shield Clinical Protection, shower fresh

After starting to use this deo I’ve only once used another brand and regretted it 3 hours after I left the house. The Shield Clinical Protection antiperspirant cream works by forming a deep protective layer across the sweat glands and the body-responsive fragrance technology eliminates odour and the moisturising ingredient makes it gentle enough for everyday use. This deo really makes my underarm skin feel super soft, it keeps me dry and it’s even reduced the discoloration I used to have.


Last but not least you can spritz some perfume onto your pulse points. Do you have any tips and tricks for staying fresh all day long? Let me know by leaving me a comment.

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