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{Review} Vichy Dercos Technique Neogenic Range

Hi ladies! As some of you might have noticed I am now part of the Beauty Bulletin blogger’s network so I’ve declared this Beauty Bulletin week on the blog. I am going to be posting some reviews of products that I’ve received from them the past month or two here on the blog as well as on Beauty Bulletin, so to kick things off I’m starting with the Vichy Dercos Technique Neogenic Range.

I was sent this shampoo together with the treatment as I’ve been suffering from severe hair loss, I’ve posted about this a couple of times before and I have mentioned it on social media as well. As a woman I really find pride in my hair and my hair looking so thinned out and falling out by the hands full wasn’t a walk in the park for me, it left me feeling a little depressed and shy to wear my hair loose so when Beauty Bulletin sent me this range I was ecstatic to try it out.

vichy1About the Vichy Dercos Technique Neogenic Redensifying Shampoo:

A crystalline formula with ultra-light texture and enriched with styling agents from hair styling products, to coat hair even the thinnest, without weighing down hair. Its light and easy to rinse, the foam makes hair soft, shiny and easier to style. This shampoo is formulated with stemoxydine and pro-densifying technology to densify hair and make hair coverage visibly thicker. It is paraben free and hypoallergenic,  the volume this shampoo provides is immediate and long-lasting. This shampoo complements Vichy’s hair renewal treatment.

How I experienced the shampoo:

The shampoo comes in a pretty purple bottle with a flip open lid. The scent of the shampoo isn’t pleasant, but isn’t unpleasant either, it smells a bit like medicine. The formula is really light and leaves my hair feeling clean and refreshed. This range doesn’t include a conditioner, which I missed in the beginning as my hair was a bit static but I started sorting that out by applying a little bit of hair oil. I will continue with the shampoo until the bottle is empty.

The bottle of shampoo can last for about 2 months but at R295 a pop it’s a tad on the expensive side, which is the only reason I won’t re-purchase it as it’s out of my budget but I would have loved to see how effective these products work together with prolong usage.


About the Vichy Dercos Technique Neogenic Hair Renewal Treatment:

Between 2 cycles, the hair bulb falls into a dormant phase during which the bulb is on hold and remains empty. To change the phase, the hair bulb needs a wake up signal, it is by working on this phase that L’Oreal Research has discovered the role of stem cells in the awakening of dormant bulbs and renewing the hair. Dercos Neogenic with Stemoxydine, 1st molecule biomimetic molecule to promote the effective functioning of stem cells that awakens dormant bulbs and hair density is increased.

Being the 1st hair renewal treatment with Stemoxydine 5% – A patented molecule, it promises 1700 new hairs in 90 days (Tested on 101 subjects, daily application for 3 months, this the average value for alopecic hair) This product is for men and women suffering from a lack of capillary density, whose scalp is visible or sparse. The box contains 28 ampoules for daily use filled with a lightweight treatment formula containing stemoxydine to boost the effectiveness of stem cells responsible for hair growth., it is suitable for sensitive scalp. The formula is hypoallergenic, paraben free and non sticky. It comes with an applicator as well and works most effectively with the Vichy Redensifying Shampoo.

How I experienced the treatment:

The treatment is really easy to use, the box comes with 28 ampoules that is easily snapped into the applicator and smells similar to the shampoo but the scent is stronger, it smells a bit like medicine.  The treatment should be applied using a zig-zag motion, back to front, just repeat this process until the entire scalp has been done. After application the instructions says to place your hands firmly on your scalp and move them in small circular motions to help the product absorb into the scalp. I experienced a “burning” sensation after this step but not in the sense of it being unpleasant, it just started to feel very warm.

When taking the time to blow-dry my hair after using the treatment it instantly appeared to be fuller but I experienced it making my roots appear oily as well on days that I just let it air dry. When I wanted to flaunt my natural curls I experienced a lot of frizziness but this is due to the fact that the applicator separated my hair strands resulting in the frizz.

At R1200 this is a pretty expensive treatment and it’s the only reason why I am not re-purchasing but when I can afford to I would definitely invest in another box.

My results after 28 days of use:

At the end of 28 days of use my hair seems to be a little denser and I notice short fine hair growing everywhere, my hair loss decreased immensely as well. I am including before and after images and I realize that even the slightest improvement is already a big win, hair doesn’t grow overnight. Just think how long it takes a new-born baby to grow a head of hair! I would just like to mention as well that I suffer from eczema on my scalp and during the time I used the treatment on my I did not experience any itchiness and I noticed less dry skin on my scalp.

You can read my reviews on Beauty Bulletin here and here. Don’t forget to sign up if you haven’t already, it’s a great community to be a part of and who doesn’t like to get spoiled with some freebies every now and again?!

{Review} Vichy Dercos Technique Neogenic Range 1



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    I agree with Candice, you can definitely see a difference. Awesome! You should try Trichotin supplements too, it’s great for hair growth, and even helps with skin too

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    Oh wow I can really see a difference!

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