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Makeup Battles {Contact Lenses vs. Glasses}

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Hi loves! It’s been a busy couple of days again, so in between running around I’ve been picking my brain for some blog post ideas and then it struck me, why not do a post of the yays and nays of wearing contact lenses and glasses where makeup is involved.

Choosing whether to go with my glasses or pop in my contacts make part of my daily morning decision-making, so I’ve decided to list all my personal pros and cons as yays and nays about these two vision enhancers!

Glasses vs contacts

Glasses – I’m kicking off with glasses as currently this one tends to be my go to choice, especially when I’m in a rush.

Yay for:

  • Using just about any eyeshadow from my collection and I playing up the look to make my eyes pop a bit more from behind my glasses.
  • Using very minimal makeup and still looking great by paying some extra attention to my eyebrows.
  • Making errors with my eyeshadow and it not being that noticeable.
  • Bold lips being be the order for the day.
  • Raccoon eyes blending in at the end of the day when my mascara got away from me.

Nay for:

  • It being more challenging to apply makeup if I don’t use my magnifying mirror, so application is more time-consuming.
  • Not being able to use any mascara as some make my lashes so long they sweep against my lenses.
  • Me having to groom my eyebrows rather often as the focus tends to fall more on them, and well-groomed brows frames my face better when I use my glasses.
  • Mattifying makeup sometimes not cutting it and my glasses ending up slide down my nose on hot days, bringing some foundation with it.

Contact Lenses – I love using my contacts, especially during summer when sunglasses are more trendy and sunny days are more frequent.

Yay for:

  • Applying my makeup with more precision after inserting my lenses.
  • Using mascaras that adds vava voom, and those are my favourite kind!
  • My eyes being be the main focus of my makeup look, just think smokey eyes….

Nay for:

  • Only being able to use hypoallergenic makeup, especially eyeshadow. Non hypoallergenic makeup that has a lot of fallout get stuck on my lenses and cause my eyes to be irritated the entire day.
  • Lining inside my waterline, another thing that can irritate my eyes and cause tearing throughout the day.
  • Completely removing all my makeup before removing my contacts, especially on those days where I’m super lazy and tired but my eyes need a break.
  • Mascaras that crumble, this falls into my eyes and cause a lot of irritation.

As you can see I have a couple of things to consider in the morning before I can start applying my makeup for the day. Do you use glasses or contacts? Let me know in the comments below if you do and which you prefer!

Makeup Battles {Contact Lenses vs. Glasses} 1



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  1. Candice Petersen

    Ahh I need contact lenses its going to come in handy alot

    Candice | Beauty Candy Loves

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