{Review} Garnier Micellar Water
Garnier Micellar Water 1

{Review} Garnier Micellar Water

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Hi everyone! I’m apologising for me being missing for over a week, I have only one word for you – Telkom – I’ve been without internet since the 1st of September and the only feedback I keep getting back from them is that a technician has to be assigned to our fault. But anyways putting the aside, thank goodness for free WiFi.

Today I’m bringing you my review for the Garnier Micellar water for all skin types.

Garnier Micellar Water

Garnier Micellar Water

I first heard about Micellar water about a year ago but I never paid much attention to it as I try not to get excited about something that isn’t available in South Africa, so when I saw that it’s available here I started looking for it at my closest Clicks store but they don’t yet stock it. This is when Ilona from Ilonique came to my rescue and kindly sent me a bottle to try out.


I really love the packaging, the clear bottle with pink lid and pink and black writing on it really gives the product a sleek look and feel.

The fluid has the exact same texture and density of actual water and has a really faint scent. I like using it with cotton pads, I use two moistened pads to clean my entire face. The Micellar water easily cuts through my makeup and removes it with a couple of wipes. I did however find that it doesn’t efficiently cleanse my eye makeup, some eyeliner and mascara gets left behind.

After using the Micellar water I don’t feel the need to rinse my face with water and I haven’t been following it up with moisturizer, I find that it efficiently moisturizes my face for night-time, if you have really dry skin I would recommend following it up with some night cream especially if you live in a really dry region or during winter. The product is hypoallergenic, so it can be used on sensitive skin and it’s really gentle on areas like the eyes and lips. One 400ml bottles is enough for 200 uses.

At R80 a bottle and the results and efficiency of the product I would re-purchase it. Have you tried the Garnier Micellar water yet?

{Review} Garnier Micellar Water 4



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  1. Candice Petersen

    This is such a value for money and I am really enjoying using it

    Candice | Beauty Candy Loves

    1. Lizna Erkelens

      I totally agree with you!

  2. Strikeapose

    One of the only drugstore micellar waters I haven’t tried, good to know you liked it though. I’m trying the simply one at the moment and really liking it,

    Mary | Strikeapose

    1. Lizna Erkelens

      We currently only have the Garnier one here in SA, hope they will bring us some more choices soon 🙂 xx

  3. Rivania Pillay

    I love how effective this remover is. It is perfect for those nights you come home late and don’t want to do a full cleansing process. Great review!
    The Glam Unicorn | Beauty Blog

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