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Essence Fragrance Reviews & New Fragrance Sets

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Hi everyone! Happy Monday, I’m kicking this week off with a fragrance post and I feel like I haven’t done one in ages.  I’ve been sitting on some beautiful fragrances from Essence for a while now and when a little birdie told me about some Essence fragrance sets launching soon I thought this is the perfect opportunity to do some reviews and tell you about the fragrance sets.

Essence is  once again presenting this year’s favorites with the new “fragrance sets”.  Two of the most popular fragrances will be available in a limited gift box from September to December 2015. In each set, one eau de toilette is combined with two nail polishes  – one from the current I ♥ TRENDS nail polish the nudes range and the other as an exclusive limited colour of the new I ♥ TRENDS nail polish, the metals. What is better than getting two trendy nail polish shades AND a fragrance all in one pretty box, these will make really nice gifts as well for some special friends.

Essence Fragrance Like a day in a candy shop

Candied charm! This fragrance is floral and fresh as well as sensual and sweet – simply wonderful! Peach and orchid give the top note a light and fruity freshness while lilac, heliotrope and jasmine blossoms provide a flowery nuance in the middle note. Vanilla, tonka bean and musk in the base  note give the fragrance the sweet, exotic touch that makes it so sensual. On top, each “like a day in a candy shop” gift set contains two I ♥ TRENDS nail polishes, including one with a cool, metallic effect. 08 Like A Day In The Candy ShopReview:
This is one of my favourite handbag scents, not only is this fragrance really affordable it easily fits into my handbag for anytime spritzing for a lovey fresh playful fragrance.  At first spritz you get lovely fruity notes that settles into a soft flowery scent and it eventually fades into a musk fragrance wth a hint of vanilla. The fragrance lasts for a good couple of hours before fading away, because it’s so inexpensive there is no guilt when you re-apply, I’ve nearly finished my 10ml bottle of this one.

like a day in a candy shop

Essence Fragrance Like a new love

Feel the heartbeat! This gift set is sure to make hearts beat a little faster.  The fragrance is floral, fruity and romantic at the same time as exciting as your first date! A mix of tangerine, grapefruit, pepper and elemi creates a thrilling effervescence in the top note. On the other hand, peony, hyacinth,  rose and peach provide a blossomy touch, while coffee, chocolate, vanilla and musk in the base note make this fragrance so unique and sensual.  On  top, the set contains two I ♥ TRENDS  nail  polishes – including one with a metal finish.

ess. Fragr. Xmas-Set 2015Review:
This is a gorgeous fragrance, once again perfect for your handbag. On first spritz you get a lovely hint of citrus that later settles into a sweet floral fruity scent that fades out with a sensual scent of vanilla and musk. Just like with the other Essence fragrance, this one lasts for a couple of hours before you need to re-apply.

like a new love

Like a walk in summer rain

Even tho this one isn’t available as a gift set like the other two I thought I’d include it in this post as well. With top notes of lemon,  orange, cyclamen, clean aldehyde and watermelon you are greeted with an extremely fresh fragrance with citrus tones when spritzed. It settles into a really modern scent with heart notes of marine note, muguet, freesia and floral ozonic and fades into a calm scent with base notes of moss,  cedar wood and musk.

like a walk in summer rain

While the “Like in a candy shop” fragrance is really playful & fun the “like a new love” fragrance is really sensual & romantic and the “like a walk in summer rain” has a really fresh & clean scent.

I am not sure how much the gift sets will retail for but the 10ml fragrance sells for R59 and 50ml goes for R114.

These fragrance gift set editions will be available in Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Hungary, Latvia, Romania, Slovenia, South Africa, Greece, Portugal, Spain, Nepal, Kuwait, Lebanon, Malta, Qatar, Tunisia, and Bahrain

Disclosure: Some information in this post is from the official Cosnova newsletter (issue 16) the reviews are my own opinion
Images: Supplied and found on the official Essence website

Essence Fragrance Reviews & New Fragrance Sets 1



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