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  • I review: Darling Jane Natural Skincare Products

    I review: Darling Jane Natural Skincare Products

    A short while ago I did a Tuesday Treasure post about Darling Jane, a brand new natural skincare online store that popped up and I showed you my favourite finds from their range over here. I was lucky enough to be able to use a voucher and purchase a mini haul of goodies from them and I’m totally over the moon about the products I received!



    The online store is easy to navigate and use, I just missed the voucher input at the top of the page for a minute or two when I ordered but the team over at Darling Jane was able to help me rectify my little oops. The delivery is within the time stipulated on their website and when my products arrived here and it was like Christmas for my nose.

    I ordered a total of 5 items from their store, I got the Chocaholic Set (R85.00) this included a Chocolate Mint lip scrub & Chocolate Vanilla body scrub, the Cafe Latte Bath Fizz (R65.00) the Vanilla Grapefruit Bath Salts (R45.00) and last but not least a Sweet Vanilla Lip Balm (R25.00) and I have to admit I’m so smitten with some of these products. Let me dive right into the review and spill which ones I love the most.

    I review: Darling Jane Natural Skincare ProductsCafe Latte Bath Fizzz
    I am greeted with a lovely coffee fragrance when I open the lid of this bath fizz. The jar is filled with grains that resemble uneven brown polystyrene balls. I sprinkled some in my bath water and they fizzed away whiles filling the bathroom with that lovely coffee fragrance, I could clearly see the little bits of coffee floating around in the tub. After relaxing for a while I got out with super soft skin!

    I review: Darling Jane Natural Skincare ProductsChocolate Vanilla Swirl Sugar Scrub Favourite Find
    I just love the scent of this sugar scrub, it smells like fancy chocolate & vanilla ice cream, I’ve been using scrub every other day, mostly on my arms where I suffer from KP and I’ve actually noticed an improvement already and that in less than two weeks. I find the scrub really easy to use, I just scoop a teaspoon amount out and scrub, after the scrub dissolved I rinse off with hot water, I’m left with really soft moisturized skin and I can really feel those essential oils doing their thing.I review: Darling Jane Natural Skincare ProductsVanilla Grapefruit Bath Salts
    This is the one product that I got that is really different from the others, the scent is really citrusy and refreshing, after sprinkling some into my bath water the bathroom gets filled with the lovely sweet citrus scent.  After soaking for a while my skin feels refreshed, the bath salt doesn’t contain as much essential oils as the bath fizz which makes it a little bit lighter and it’s perfect for morning bath time.

    I review: Darling Jane Natural Skincare ProductsChocolate Mint Lip Scrub Favourite Find
    When I first opened this I was greeted with a lovely chocolate scent and a hint of mint, the texture is really nice and the scrub feels like soft sugar. The packaging is an easy to open screw on lid top container so it is really convenient in the shower, just try not to get water in it and remember to bring a spoon. After scooping some out and rubbing it over my lips in a circular motion I felt a slight tingle from the mint, after about sixty seconds the scrub was nearly dissolved and I rinsed the remainder off. I was left with a super soft moisturized pout and I could really feel the essential oils on my lips. I really enjoy this scrub, including the part where I look like a 2 year old eating a chocolate bar! I’ve noticed as well that I don’t have to apply lip balms as I did prior to using the lip scrub.

    Sweet Vanilla Lip Balm
    I find the texture of this lip balm a little bit hard but after using my hairdryer on it for a bit it goes really soft and I am able to apply it to my lips with ease, my lips feel moisturized and this lip balm works really well with the lip scrub, so I enjoy applying this straight after scrubbing. It provides my lips with a lovely lip balm layer locking all the essential oils from the scrub into my lips. {Update – The darling peeps over at Darling Jane informed me that the lip balm gets effected by the weather, thus the reason for it being harder on these super cold days! }

    Darling Jane announced as well that they’ve included the postal service as a delivery option, so if your order is small or if you prefer using the postal service you can now choose to have your goodies sent by mail at a more affordable rate.

    I give Darling Jane two thumbs up for providing us with such affordable natural skincare products!

    I review: Darling Jane Natural Skincare Products
    I review: Darling Jane Natural Skincare Products

    I’m a South African Beauty, Lifestyle & Travel blogger and I’m currently finding myself in the Garden Route. A little town called Wilderness is home. I am a very proud dog mom, learning to love my curvy body and a 30 plus blogger.

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    1. Candice Petersen
      13/07/2015 / 11:40

      Wow Lizna, these really look amazing !!


      • Lizna Erkelens
        14/07/2015 / 11:31

        They really are Candice, smells so good and it’s really affordable xx

      • Lizna Erkelens
        14/07/2015 / 16:13

        They truly are xx

    2. 15/07/2015 / 16:01

      These looking really interesting! I definitely want to give these a try now, xx
      The Glam Unicorn

      • Lizna Erkelens
        15/07/2015 / 18:26

        They really are amazing, and it’s nice that they now intruded a cheaper shipping option, you can get a load of things and it won’t cost you an arm and a leg xx