Caribbean Self Tan Tanning Spritzer Review

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Hi ladybugs, this is the third post in my Self Tan series, in the first installment I covered all the products from Caribbean tan, you can read it over here and the second post is all about how to use self tan if you are a beginner like myself. The first self tan product from the range that I tried was the spritzer, this one is suggested if you are a first timer, I opted for A – Fair Skin and this is what happened! – Don’t forget to shave and exofliate before using the Caribbean Self Tan products.

Self Tan, Caribbean Self Tan Tanning Spritzer Review, Absolutely Life

The Caribbean Tanning Spritzer comes in a 200ml plastic bottle with a spray nozzle, included in the box is an application mitt. The product is easily spritzed out onto the desired area and evened out with the mitt in circular motions. You need to spray around 10cm away from the skin to avoid the product spraying in one spot and getting blotchy.

This product provides an instant glow and develops over 8 hours and dries within 5 minutes. I’ve used this spritzer twice so far, the first time I only applied it to my legs and the second time I did an all over tan just to get an idea of the results, I have to admit that I grabbed my husband closer for a hand with the application, just to be sure I don’t miss any spots.

I suggest standing in the bath or shower when applying this self tan, it just makes the cleanup afterwards faster and easier. The product spritzes on easily and blends well when using the mitt. I immediately noticed a lovely bronzed glow on my skin with no streaks and yellow lines, the tan looked really natural and darkened to the perfect tanned tone for my skin type over 8 hours. If taken care of properly the tan can last up to two weeks, but I really love my baths, which they suggest you avoid and I ended up with it lasting around 9 days, giving me a good excuse to play with more Caribbean Tan products! leave an unsightly uneven colour on your knees and ankles that makes it look like you went crawling in the mud and I never noticed it going yellow when fading.

I’m really happy with the results, I am an avid promoter for protecting your skin from the sun so I give this product two thumbs up for giving me a sun-kissed look without the sun ever being involved.

Which one of the Caribbean Tan Self Tanning products would you like to see next ?

Self Tan, Caribbean Self Tan Tanning Spritzer Review, Absolutely Life
Self Tan, Caribbean Self Tan Tanning Spritzer Review, Absolutely Life

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    • Lizna Erkelens
      25/07/2015 / 17:17

      I want to try one of the gradual products next, still deciding which one 🙂

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