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  • Yummy Honey!

    Yummy Honey!

    Pssst, have you heard? Honey isn’t just for eating… it’s really good for your skin too! There are many different uses for honey with amazing benefits, here are some great natural skin care treatments that has honey as the main ingredient. Yummy Honey!

    Yummy Honey

    Acne Treatment:
    Raw Honey
    Apply to effected areas, let sit for 10 – 15 minutes and rinse off with warm water.

    Bath Soak:
    30ml Raw Honey and 250ml Hot Water
    Dissolve the honey in the water and add to your tub, soak and enjoy

    Cuticle Moisturizer:
    5ml Raw Honey, 5ml Apple Cider Vinegar and 5ml Coconut Oil
    Mix all the ingredients together, apply to cuticles and rinse off after 5 – 10 minutes.

    Gentle Exfoliator:
    30ml Honey and 15ml Baking Soda
    Mix the ingredients together, wet skin and rub mixture over the skin in circular motions, rinse well.

    Hair Conditioner:
    15ml Honey and 30ml Coconut Oil
    Mix ingredients and apply to the bottom two-thirds of your damp hair, start at the ends and work your way up. Rinse really well.

    Hair Highlighter:
    45ml Honey and 30ml Hot Water
    Mix and apply to your hair, wait one hour before rinsing, do this weekly for best results.

    Moisturizing Mask:
    Apply raw honey onto dry, clean skin and let it sit for 15 – 20 minutes, rinse well.

    Pore Cleanser:
    15ml Raw Honey and 30ml Jojoba Oil OR Coconut Oil
    Mix well and apply to clean dry skin in circular motions, avoiding your eye area. Rinse well with warm water.

    Scar Fader:
    5ml Honey and 5ml Coconut OR Olive Oil
    Mix ingredients and apply to effected area, massage with finger tips for 1 – 2 minutes, cover area with a hot face cloth and let it sit until the cloth has cooled. Repeat daily.

    Shampoo Booster:
    5ml Honey and a blob of Shampoo the size of a R2 coin.
    Mix the two together and wash hair as you normally do, rinse out.

    Sunburn Treatment:
    1 Part Honey and 1 Part Aloe Vera Gel
    Mix the two together and apply to sun burnt skin.

    Take a look at the benefits for each treatment in the info-graphic below:

    Yummy Honey!

    This info-graphic was originally posted on: www.northwestpharmacy.com

    Yummy Honey!
    Yummy Honey!

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    1. Candice Petersen
      11/06/2015 / 11:38

      Oh wow honey is amazing and it’s so good for many things


      • Lizna Erkelens
        11/06/2015 / 12:53

        Yeah it is! and I love cooking with it too