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Tips for Healthy Hair & Skin This Winter

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We all know how the harsh cold air can take its toll on our bodies, so today I’m sharing 6 tips for healthy hair and skin this winter!

1. Exfoliate

Exfoliating all over will get rid of all those dead skin cells and give you that healthy skin glow. You can use a body scrub or exfoliation gloves and don’t forget to exfoliate those lips too! Do this twice a week and be careful not to overdo it, I have overdone it on my face before and I felt like a scabby lizard for two days afterwards. Apply a rich moisturizer on exfoliation days.


2. Feed Your Skin

Switch your light body lotion out for a body lotion rich in oils or opt for a body butter, winter air is usually dry and slurps the moisture right out of your skin, so by switching your body moisturizer for a richer one helps replenish the lost moisture. The same goes for your face, use a cream based facial cleanser and opt for a rich night cream and a facial oil every other day.

Body Lotions

3. Be Hands On

Apply hand lotions regularly, try and do this after each time you washed your hands. Your hands are one of the few bits of exposed skin during winter and gets into contact with the elements more often. I have hand lotions all over the house to remind me to apply often.

Hand Lotions

4. Face Your Feet

Don’t forget to take extra care of the skin on your feet. Use a foot file before bed to get rid of the rough skin, I use gel socks as well if I feel my feet are getting out of control and I apply a rich moisturizer.

Foot File

5. Up Your Hair Care

Our hair loses moisture during winter as well and this can cause brittle hair that leads to breakage. Invest in a good hair oil, remember to apply this only to the bottom two thirds of your hair, to replenish moisture. Apply a hair moisture mask as well at least twice a month and don’t forget to protect your hair with a heat protective spray or cream if you love heat styling.

Hair Care


6. Enhance Bath Time

Don’t make your bath water to hot and add bath oils in your bath water for extra moisture, you can even add baby oil, oil created a protective barrier over your skin. Try and avoid bath salts and bubble baths, these can dry your skin even more.

Bath Bomb

Do you have any tips for healthy skin and hair during the cold months ? Leave me a comment and let me know.

Tips for Healthy Hair & Skin This Winter 1



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  1. Janneke

    I am so bad with full body moisuturising in winter. It’s so cold when I get out of the shower that I try to get dressed asap but then I don’t moisturise. At least i’ll do it today because I am thinking about it now 🙂


    1. Lizna Erkelens

      I’m the same, I usually get my hubby to rub lotion in for me before bed, like a mini massage, but I’m pretty bad at doing it daily but I try and justify it by using a super moisturizing body wash

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