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In December I was lucky enough to get spoiled with some goodies from Dave Lackie allll the way from Canada and I’m finally going to review them for you guys. The reason I’ve taken so long before getting around to it is because I’ve been sooo stingy with them and I just loved them sitting on my dressing table looking pretty, but I figured it’s time I start using them as the colder months are upon us here in South Africa! Love Philosophy.

But before I dive into the products let me tell you a little bit more about Philosophy:

Philosophy is the well-being brand that inspires women to look, love and feel their best. They enhance the beauty and health of the skin through multi-tasking skin care and feel-good scents. Their words uplifts and nourish the spirit, and inspire beautiful days so women everywhere can feel confident in their unique inner and outer beauty – from

The hamper I received contained some lovely products, some from the Philosophy holiday range and a bag. I love all the goodies I got and here they are:

Philosophy Peppermint Stick Shampoo, Shower Gel and Bubble Bath

This multi-purpose bottle of pure indulgence from the Philosophy holiday range is really rich and creamy and smell just like peppermint, it smells so good that I’ve had the occasional thought of giving it a lick but I doubt it will taste as good as it smells! I love using this when I shave, it leaves a lovely thick lather on my legs and afterwards my skin feels silky soft and smooth. I have not yet tried this as a shampoo but I can only image it leaving your smelling like a peppermint stick and taking you back to Christmas time!


Philosophy Peppermint Stick High-Gloss, High Flavor Lip Shine

The second item from the cute box in the image above is the peppermint stick lip shine, another item from the Philosophy holiday range. It smells just as yummy as the shower gel and gives my lips a slight tingle when I apply it. It contains bees-wax and moisturizes my lips while leaving a lovely light pink shine.

Philosophy Peppermint Stick Hand Cream

This hand cream is the last item I have from the holiday range and again it has the yummy scent of peppermint stick. It’s nice and creamy whiles absorbing really quick leaving your hands soft, smooth and hydrated, This hand cream is going to be a staple for the coming winter, one of the reasons I’m actually happy I held on to these products so long.

Philosophy Hands of Hope Cuticle Cream

I always seem to neglect my cuticles, especially during the winter months, and this leaves them looking unattractive and feeling really sore, but not anymore, this little tube of miracle cream is going to be my life, or shall I say cuticle saver during winter. This cream is super moisturizing and I only need to apply the tiniest bit to revive, soften and heal my cuticles . It will work well on those little dry patches I always get on my knuckles as well.

Philosophy Raspberry Sorbet High-Gloss, High Flavor Lip Shine

This is my favourite product from all the goodies I received. Like it says on the tube – Sweet kisses are the best treat – this lip shine doesn’t only smell sweet and yummy it tastes as such as well (yes I know I shouldn’t be licking my lips but I just couldn’t stop myself) This lip shine has a lovely shimmer to it and looks great on it’s own as well as over other lip products and as an added bonus it moisturizes my lips too, so that is a winning combination, yummy taste, looks great and works well!

Thanks again Dave for all these lovely treats! ♥

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