Help! I’m losing my hair

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About a month ago I noticed my hair falling out, by the hands full, usually hair falling out doesn’t really bother me but this was seriously extreme, up to a point where I was worried about it so much I think I aggravated the problem and more fell out! I made an appointment to go to the Doctor (I’ve also been having pain in my left foot but that’s a post for another day) and paid her a visit with my hair in tatters. Losing my hair.

Losing my hair

Now I’ve never posted about it on here before but I suffer from PCOS, if you don’t know what that is, in short my hormones are haywire and my body freaks out because of it. My Doctor thought it will be good to send me for blood tests to make sure my thyroid isn’t the culprit as many of the side effects of PCOS are similar to that of an under active thyroid. We had another test done while I was there, luckily the thyroid came back negative but the other test levels where off and I’m on meds for that now. But all of this still left me no where with my hair problem.


I’ve done my fair share of googling so and hoped that it’s only shedding, and confirmed by the Doctor lady, these things happen. Besides the hair falling out my hair was damaged and felt like grass and why that was I don’t know because I don’t heat dry it often and I use the flat iron maybe once a month, I use GHD protective spray and I brush using a tangle teezer. I decided to take matters into my own hands and I ended up in the shampoo isle at Dischem. I can’t really afford the high end hair treatments, so there I spent about 20 minutes reading labels on bottles. I left the store with L’Oreal ELVIVE Arginine Resist x3 Shampoo and Conditioner, it’s said  that 64% less hair fall after the 1st application. Hair becomes 2X more resistant to breakage and it’s achieving this by nourishing the root, hair is stronger and restructures from root to tip.  And may I add, the shampoo and conditioner smells like strawberry sherbet!

Hair Products

I had a bottle of John Frieda Full Repair Repairing Oil Elixir at home and decided to use this together with the Elvive Shampoo and Conditioner. After using this combination for a month I can proudly announce that my hair is falling out less, it’s still falling more than what I’d like but I’m happy with the progress. I’ve noticed as well that my hair is softer, smoother, bouncy and I’m not defaulting by making a bun on a daily basis to hide the crows nest of frizz I’ve been dealing with. I was losing my hair.

So here is just proof that you don’t need to break the bank to save your hair! Yay for Elvive and John Frieda! I think I will invest in the other products from these ranges to see if it won’t pull hair completely out of their slump.

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      oh yes it is, and when I saw bunches of hair on my tangle teezer after watching youtube videos and there is nearly no hair after girls brush with it I was really freaked out

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