My 3rd Wedding Anniversary

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Hello there, I  celebrated my 3rd wedding anniversary on the 27th of February with the really special man in my life, now before anyone asks me to see wedding pictures, I don’t have any. Hubby and I kinda eloped and made a lot of people a little mad, but it seems most of them made their peace with it as they can see how happy we are together. We still want to have a “proper” wedding, hopefully end this year or early next year, not that our wedding wasn’t proper in any way.

So…. back to the anniversary, we celebrated it at one of the local restaurants in Wilderness, Fláva Café, I have done a review on them before.  I really adore this restaurant, it has a very cozy atmosphere and the staff is always really friendly and the food, well the food is amazing.  Since I wrote my review on them I’ve had time to explore the menu a bit more and I’ve just falling in love with one of their starter dishes.  Bobotie spring rolls! I would never have put bobotie in a spring roll but it just works and it’s really good!

So for starters this is what we shared bobotie spring rolls, I had a ceviche, very odd taste at the start but it ended pretty well and hubby had calamari, which was amazing as always.

For our mains we ordered the same thing, fillet medium rare with potato wedges and veggies, the fillet was so soft it melted like butter in your mouth (I am seriously making myself really hungry typing this post!)

We finished this lovely meal off with the Coffee & Marscapone Ice-cream Cake, I swapped my vanilla pod ice cream out for some white chocolate and whiskey ice cream, it went really well with everything on the plate. Hubby had his with a double cappuccino and I had mine with some amarula and milk, yes that is how I roll!

After our lovely dinner we went home and watched a movie, all in all it was a really nice evening, thank you hubbykins xxx.

My 3rd Wedding Anniversary 4



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  1. Beauty Candy Loves

    Oh wow everything looks amazing! I think it’s super romantic that you got eloped ! Wedding day is not about stuff but that you guys love eachother.. I suggest a “proper” wedding on your next anniversary 🙂

    Candice | Beauty Candy Loves

    1. Lizna

      I was thinking the same thing with the next one, it will fall on a Sunday tho, maybe celebrate right through the night? 🙂 xxx

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