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I review: Vitamin Science

Hi ladies! I did a post a couple of weeks ago on Vitamin Science that I received from The Outer Beauty which you can read here.  I’ve been using the Vita B for Dehydrated and Sensitive skin for over 2 weeks now and these are my findings and results.

Vita B is rich in buckwheat extract and is perfect for hydrating skin and helps with skin irritations. I received 3 products from the range to try, Vita B Hydrating Toner, Vita B Hydrating Emulsion and Vita B Hydrating Serum, I used it together with my konjac sponge as it’s 100% natural and I wanted to test these thoroughly. On makeup days and days I spent in direct sunlight I applied my BB cream as it has an SPF.


Vitamin Science

About Vita B Hydrating Toner:

First off I just have to tell you how amazingly fresh this product smells, I just love the scent, it just infuses my senses and reminds me of a sea breeze. The toner promises to resurface and revitalize stressed and tired skin. The instructions read to apply using your finger tips, I found it easier to apply this using a piece of cotton wool as the consistency is very liquidy. It dried off really fast and left my skin feeling fresh and I didn’t have that tight feeling afterwards like I get sometimes with certain brands of toner.


About Vita B Hydrating Serum:

The serum has the same gorgeous scent as the toner and provides intense moisture and nourishment to the skin.  I applied a couple of drops of this after I applied the toner using my finger tips. It absorbs rather quickly and makes my skin feel moisturized and soft.



About Vita B Hydrating Emulsion:

The emulsion gets applied after the serum and has the signature scent as well and soothes irritated and sensitive skin with intense nourishment and moisture. This was the first time I’ve used anything like this before, the consistency is ticker than the toner and I was able to apply this with my finger tips and pat into my skin, it left my skin feeling really happy. and smooth.


About the Vita B Range:

My final verdict on these products are that, even tho it didn’t clear up  my eczema, it really helped with some of the symptoms.  I had a lot of redness between my eyebrows that has cleared up and it relieved some of the annoying itchiness that goes hand in hand with my skin flaking. My pores are looking really good as well, I have an oily T-zone and I struggle with black heads especially in summer, my forehead and parts of my cheeks has some dry patches. The combination of the three products has my skin cleared from most of the black heads and is silky smooth to the touch, the dry patches are a thing of the past and my pores can no longer be seen from space.

I really recommend this product to anyone that is suffering from skin problems. Two thumbs up for Vitamin Science!


If you have interest in any of these products or any of the products mentioned in my Intro into Vitamin Science post feel free to contact Eurisha from The Outer Beauty on 084 703 7118 or via email. Alternatively you can use the contact form on my contact page and I will gladly put you in touch with her.

I review: Vitamin Science 1



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