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I’m kicking this week off with a product review on a product I’ve been using for a while and it’s a real gem, The Essence Studio Nails Nail Polish Corrector Pen. I first spotted the pen on Pretifull Blog and went hunting the stores, and wow,  was this a difficult product to find, so if you spot it somewhere I suggest you get it! Essence Studio Nails

Essence Studio Nails

Essence Studio Nails, I review | Essence Studio Nails Nail Polish Corrector Pen, Absolutely Life

If you are anything like me when you paint your nails and even if you do it as carefully as you can you still end up getting polish on your skin and cuticles and make many mistakes when trying to create nail art designs. Since I got myself this pen I can clean around my nails for that perfect mani in a jiffy and I can easily fix tiny mistakes when creating nail art designs instead of totally removing the polish and having to start from scratch.

The Essence Studio Nail Polish Corrector Pen comes with 3 replacement tips (4 tips in total) and it smells amazing. It’s really easy to use, you just pop the cap off and move it around your nail, or on the mistakes in a rubbing motion to remove the access polish leaving a perfectly painted finger nail! When you replace the tip just store the nail art pen tip part down so that the nail polish remover can seep into it.

The Essence Studio Nail Polish Corrector Pen retails for R52.95 which I find really affordable for this nifty gadget.

There are two more products available in this range which I’d love to try, the Studio Nails Nail Cuticle Remover Pen (RSP R47.95) that lets you gently remove hangnails and the Studio Nails Nail Care Pen (RSP R47.95) that contains vitamin e and proteins to activate nail growth as well as providing nourishing care for your nail bed and cuticles.

Have you ever tried any of these pens before ?

Essence Studio Nails, I review | Essence Studio Nails Nail Polish Corrector Pen, Absolutely Life
Essence Studio Nails, I review | Essence Studio Nails Nail Polish Corrector Pen, Absolutely Life

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  1. Simone
    23/03/2015 / 09:27

    Is this the new one or still the older design? I have the older one and while it is a great tool, I find the tip makes it difficult to use when I’m using my left hand (not my dominant hand) to clean the right hand. I have read that they have redone the pen so am hoping the tip will be a bit better.

    • Lizna
      23/03/2015 / 09:33

      I’m not sure, I checked their website and it’s the only design I see on there, I will have to go to the store and see if I can find one again and let you know if it lookd different to the one I have, if it is the old design that might be why I had a hard time finding it. I agree it’s a bit difficult cleaning your dominant hand with the other but I was able to mange xx

  2. Beauty Candy Loves
    23/03/2015 / 15:45

    Wow looks so cool!

    Candice | Beauty Candy Loves

    • Lizna
      23/03/2015 / 15:59

      We should get you one Candice 🙂

  3. 23/03/2015 / 15:57

    Looks like a great product to me! Wonderful review too.

    • Lizna
      23/03/2015 / 16:00

      Thank you hun 🙂

    • Lizna
      23/03/2015 / 20:37

      I have had mine for about 6 months, I don’t use it that often, mostly use glitter polish and I’m now on the second tip

      • 28/03/2015 / 10:16

        oh wow that’s not too bad, nothing worse than having to struggle with glitter polishes though!

        • Lizna
          28/03/2015 / 10:29

          Have you tried the foil method to remove glitter polish? It makes it super easy to remove

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