Christmas tree nail art

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So I’m not really good at nail art but every now and again I give it a try, a lot of times without success where I end up with a huge heap of used nail polish stained cotton wool and bare nails. This shall be my first nail art post and this design is so easy even I could do it! Christmas tree nail art.

Christmas tree nail art

This is what you will need:

A festive nail polish colour – I used a gold polish from Tip Top
A neutral nail polish colour – I used a green polish from Essence Color and Go
Nail Glitter – I used a gold glitter from Omega Nails South Africa
Star nail art bling – I used a yellow star from the Tip Top nail sequence kit
Nail glue
Top and Base coat – I used the Omega Nails South Africa base and top coat
Any tape – I used insulation tape

Start off by preparing your nails, remove any old nail polish and file your nails, push back your cuticles too. Apply your base coat from your little finger on one hand and ending at the little finger on your other hand, start with your first coat of festive polish before the base coat is completely dry, if you apply like I suggested it’s just enough time for the base coat to get dry enough. Remember to skip your ring finger! Paint your ring finger in the neutral colour, apply a second coat if necessary. You can apply the top coat to all of your nails -I sprinkled some nail glitter on my middle fingers in this step and applied another coat of top coat – except the ring fingers. Wait for your polish to dry completely.

Cut strips off the tape and stick them on your ring finger nails creating a triangle, now paint the festive colour inside the triangle and then dip your finger into the nail glitter, repeat with your other finger.  Wait for the polish to dry nearly completely and then remove the tape.  The second last step is to glue the star on the top of your trees with the nail glue and finish with a top coat.


Christmas tree nail art 1



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