I review – Hey Gorgeous Candy Floss Lip Scrub

This post is way overdue, life just got hectic and I never got around posting it! This is another purchase from my mini birthday haul. I love candyfloss, so this was a must have on my list. I suffer from dry lips all year round and until now I’ve been using a face cloth or a face scrub to lightly exfoliate my lips, but no more! Candy Floss Lip Scrub

Candy Floss Lip Scrub

I review - Hey Gorgeous Candy Floss Lip Scrub 1

When you open the tub you get a really delicious candy floss scent, taking me for a quick visit to a theme park. It is a bit tricky to get a small amount out as it has a very sugary consistency, but lucky I have my little gorgeous wooden spoon to scoop some of this pink deliciousness out. You have to apply this scrub in circular motion onto wet lips for one minute, I did just so and rinsed the scrub that was left off, I was left with delicious soft kissable lips!

I review - Hey Gorgeous Candy Floss Lip Scrub 2


I review - Hey Gorgeous Candy Floss Lip Scrub 3

Pssst… it’s okay to take a little taste too! As the same with all the Hey Gorgeous products, it is made from all natural goodies.

The ingredients include:
Caramelized Sugar, Coconut Oil, Jojoba & Essential Oils and and don’t forget the love!

I review - Hey Gorgeous Candy Floss Lip Scrub 4



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  1. Candice Petersen

    These look amazing, need something for my poor lips

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