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#LoveYourSkin ~ Health

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Eating and living healthy plays a big part in having glowing healthy skin, I know I am guilty about not doing all of these listed below but I do try. #LoveYourSkin


1. Drink Up!
It’s really important to drink enough water, 6 – 8 glasses a day seems to be the norm but this differs from person to person, this is going to sound kinda gross but by monitoring the clarity of your urine should indicate if you are drinking enough water, the lighter in the colour the better.

2. Eat balanced
Eating the right amount of portions from each frood group on the food pyramid is ideal, that’s around 5 veggie portions a day and 2 – 3 fruits, 3 proteins, 2 diary and don’t ever completely cut fat from your diet, out of experience I can tell you that not enough fat can be just as bad as to much of it.

3. Eat less sugar and salt.
Cutting on your sugar intake can be really good for you and try and avoid to much salt, salt retains water and can make you look bloated.

4. Take Vitamins
If you are worried that your vitamin intake is not enough get some supplements, if you are looking to boost your hair and nail growth look into something with a higher doses of biotin.

5. Exercise
Do some cardio! This makes your skin glow because it improves blood circulation

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  1. Candice Petersen

    Great post!! Always so hard to make time to exercise

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