#LoveYourSkin ~ Fight the acne!

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Week two of the #LoveYourSkin campaign is about winning the fight against acne. Fight the acne

Fight the acne

Fight the acne, #LoveYourSkin ~ Fight the acne!, Absolutely Life

Prevent acne before it starts.
Change your pillowcase regularly, bacteria can breed on your pillow cases and transfer onto your skin while you are sleeping.
Don’t touch your face unnecessarily, you transfer oils from your hands to your face doing this and it can cause breakouts.
Tie your hair up when you go to bed so that it doesn’t touch your face, even your fringe, I am guilty of not doing this and I think I’d better invest in a headband.
Get enough sleep, stress can cause your skin to break out and getting enough rest can help you be calm and keep your stress levels under control.

Do not pop and pick pimples.
This can cause the infection to get worse and might even cause permanent scarring, if you really can’t help yourself invest in a pimple tool do do the dirty work for you!

Consider a salicylic acid face wash.
These face washes fights bacteria that causes acne, but can dry your skin.

Try spot treatments.
There are many products on the market that you can apply to the odd pimple to help it clear up

Ask professional help.
If you can’t get your acne under control go visit a dermatologist that can advice and help you get the correct treatment to clear up your skin.

Fight the acne, #LoveYourSkin ~ Fight the acne!, Absolutely Life
Fight the acne, #LoveYourSkin ~ Fight the acne!, Absolutely Life

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