I review – Hey Gorgeous Whipped Body Mousse
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I review – Hey Gorgeous Whipped Body Mousse

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Today’s review is about some more gorgeous Hey Gorgeous products, I couldn’t decide which whipped body mousse to get and after a little ordering gremlin I was lucky enough to end up with 3 different ones! Hey Gorgeous Whipped Body Mousse.

Hey Gorgeous Whipped Body Mousse

I review - Hey Gorgeous Whipped Body Mousse 1

All 3 of them smell amazing and it’s hard to chose a favourite, but who ever decided that you can only chose one favourite? I pick all 3! I got a Vanilla, Marshmallow and Sweet Pea and Berry variant. I pop my Hey Gorgeous products in the fridge for them to stay fresh and during summer a cold whipped mousse on a hot day will feel amazing.

First off the Vanilla Whipped Body Mousse
This one has a really subtle vanilla scent, it’s not over powering and the scent lingers on my skin for a long time.

I review - Hey Gorgeous Whipped Body Mousse 2

Secondly the Marshmallow Whipped Body Mousse
This one I got because my hubby loves marshmallows, At first when you open this one it has a very strong scent but after application it settles into a yummy marshmallowy smell that lingers very long, if I apply this one before bed I can still smell it in the morning when I wake up.

I review - Hey Gorgeous Whipped Body Mousse 3

Last but not least, Sweet Pea and Berry Whipped Body Mousse
I was the most excited about this one as I simply adore the scent of sweet peas, This whipped mousse has a really soft flower and berry scent that you can still smell for a while after application

I review - Hey Gorgeous Whipped Body Mousse 4

All three these whipped mousses are jam packed with natural skincare goodness and contains essential oils that my skin just loves, it took care of my dry itchy skin faster than I can snap my fingers and left my skin soft with a sun kissed glow, just like promised. Even my hubby commented on how soft my skin feels.  As an added bonus I saw an improvement with the bumps on my arms, so if this helps I am certainly going to be looking into getting the product that is designed for those bumps!

These whipped body mousses can be ordered from Hey Gorgeous at R100 – R120 each, and believe me it’s so worth it, I highly recommend all of them.

Pictures courtesy of the gorgeous Hey Gorgeous I usually love taking my own pics but moving across the country = a really really busy bee

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