Makeup guide for contact lens wearers
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Makeup guide for contact lens wearers

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I am a contact lens wearer, I don’t wear them everyday but they work better for me on days I want to get all dolled up, it’s a bit hard for me to apply eye makeup without my glasses. After talking to a fellow Beauty Bulletin member over the weekend, I decided to look up some makeup that are best to wear when using your lenses. Makeup guide.

Makeup guide

I typed the words “eyeshadow for contact lens wearers” and “list of makeup brands for contact lens wearers” into google search without much success. Yes I know, hypoallergenic makeup is best, but searching for a list of brand names was mostly fruitless, so I decided to do a little brand and a tips list for my fellow contact lens wearers. It took me a while to search for brands that are hypoallergenic and was surprised to find that some high end brands are not.

List of known brands that have hypoallergenic products:

  • Almay
  • Avon
  • Bourjois
  • Clinique
  • L’Oreal
  • Neutrogena

Always make double sure by checking the packaging, some brands may have some products that are hypoallergenic and some that are not!

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Tips for using makeup when wearing contact lenses

  • Put your contact lenses in before applying your makeup, I find the best way for me is to wash my face, put in my contacts and then applying my toner, moisturizer and from there my makeup.
  • Remove your contacts before removing your makeup.
  • When applying eyeliner to your top lash line, apply it above your lashes.
  • When applying eyeliner to your lower lash line, try and avoid your inner lash line.
  • When applying your mascara try to start a little bit away from where your lashes start.
  • When removing your makeup remove your contact lenses first.
  • If you are having a hard time finding hypoallergenic eyeshadows, try and use shadows that are oil and fragrance free, they will be less likely to irritate your eyes. Cream shadows also work nice.
  • Use a primer, it will help the makeup stick to your lids and not fall down into your eyes
  • Use water based foundations.
  • Try and avoid mascaras with lash building fibers, opt for long wear and water resistant mascaras, they don’t go flaky and end up in your eyes.
  • Keep your eyes closed when applying powder and opt for pressed powder over lose powder.
  • Don’t wear false lashes while wearing contact lenses – I’m upset about this one *snif* if I use them with my glasses they will sweep against the inside.
  • Use good quality makeup brushes, bad quality brushes might have lose fibers than can fall into your eyes
If you know of any other brands that are hypoallergenic or work well for us contact wearers please tell me in the comments and I will add it to the list!

photo credit: dave lewis 88 via photopin cc

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