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Huge thumbs up for Jockey South Africa!

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This is something that happened last year before I had this blog, but I would still love to share the story with you as it still gives me a chuckle when I think about it. Jockey South Africa.

Jockey South Africa

I went to the Netherlands in February of 2013 and bought a 5 pack of Jockey panties before I left, I just threw them all in my suitcase at the last minute not paying much attention to them. After I was in the Netherlands for a while I had a quick shower one morning, and just grabbed some undies, and as I was putting them on I thought to myself, whats up now, the pantie slid on one leg just fine but got stuck on the other, shrugging it off to my haste and wet leg I went out for the day.

A couple of days later it was laundry day, so in the Netherlands I paid more attention when doing laundry than I do at home because almost everything goes straight in the tumble drier and some things tend to shrink. So upon folding the laundry I noticed something really odd about this particular pantie, it was so scew, the one leg was about two sizes smaller than the other, now I understood my struggle to get the thing on! How do you get your legs into something that looks like this > oO <  I emailed Jockey customer care in South Africa and they said to let them know when I am back and they will arrange for a courier to pick it up to be investigated…..

So a week after I arrived back I emailed Jockey and they arranged for a courier to pick up this deformed piece of under garment. The day we had agreed on a courier comes past, and I ask him if he is from Jockey, he mumbles something and gives me a sleeve to put it in ( I had it in a plastic bag ) and off they went. I went on with my day and ended up going to the mall when my phone rang, there is someone from a courier at the house for a pick up.  Now I’m confused because someone was already there, I get home and give the very nice lady from Jockey a call, she informed me that the first courier wasn’t sent by them! My first thought “Someone kidnapped my panties!!!”

Huge thumbs up for Jockey South Africa! 1

After a couple of calls we finally figured out what had happened, two months before, my Mom had arranged for a courier to take a parcel to my aunt, and they somehow managed to be two months late AND arrive on the same day as the courier that was actually supposed to come to my house. Now the “wrong” courier is refusing to give back my panties or give them to the other courier without any payment even tho the mistake was theirs,  so there my poor panties got held captive by a courier company.

The girl from Jockey customer care and I had a big laugh and she just said they can just have the deformed panties if that’s how they want to play it, she will gladly send me a replacement packet, now most would think this would be where this story ends, but it wasn’t! On the SAME day Jockey sent out a courier to deliver my replacement, the kidnappers brought back the deformed pair! Now explain to me, how on earth does that happen twice ??

Huge thumbs up for Jockey South Africa! 2
After this ordeal and lots of laughs Jockey will have my support forever just for the way they handled this entire situation!

Huge thumbs up for Jockey South Africa! 3

Huge thumbs up for Jockey South Africa! 4

Brand Plus for Jockey!

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  1. Ronnae Elliott

    To hilarious, cant stop laughing 🙂

    1. Lizna Erkelens

      haha at the very moment I realized the wrong place has my undies it wasn’t so funny but it is now 😀

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