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Leibster Award ♡ Discover New Bloggers

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My Award from Beautycandyloves

What is the Liebster Award ?
Liebster (a German word) Award, translated into english would be Sweetheart Award. This award is given to up and coming bloggers to encourage them to grow their network and share the blog love with other upcoming bloggers. Leibster Award

I googled a bit about this award and found different rule sets, I wasn’t sure about the criteria for nominating other blogs, some say you should nominate bloggers with less than 3000 followers and some less then 200, so I guess we will go for a middle ground.

How does this all work?
The nominator gives the nominee some questions to answer and then the nominee nominates other upcoming bloggers a few questions as well!

I got nominated by Beautycandyloves, we started our blogs around the same time and met each other on Beauty Bulletin. Thank you for my Liebster Award Candice! Here are her questions to me:

Who is your favorite SA Blogger ?
Do I really have to pick only one? There are so many and each one is unique, so I will name my top 3
Beautycandyloves, Lipgloss Kisses and Beauty Blog

What makes your blog unique ?
Well I think what makes my blog unique is that I’m unique and I just write what I feel and what I love and how I experience things. Being part of a multi-cultural family (hubby is half Dutch half Filipino) gives me a different perspective on certain things as well.

What is your current obsession ?
My current obsession must be my blog, I’m driving my hubby crazy with it, so much that he is making me take time-outs over the weekend!

If you where stuck on an island what is the one item you would take with you ?
I confess, I love modern technology to much, so I hope I never get stuck on an island, but if I do I really hope I have a lip balm with me, I’m a self proclaimed lip balm junkie.

Who is your favorite blogger of all time internationally or locally ?
I really enjoy Dutch blogger, Loepsie, she also has a youtube channel that I follow.

What is your personal style ?
My personal style changes day to day depending on my mood but I really love being comfy in what I wear and I love walking around with no shoes.

What or whom inspires you ?
I get inspired by reading other blogs and watching beauty videos on youtube.

Most memorable experience?
My most memorable experience has to be my first trip to the Netherlands, especially my first time in Amsterdam, it’s my current favourite city!

I nominate My Place in the KitchenBeautyDivaNaz and W in Wonderland

Leibster Award ♡ Discover New Bloggers 2

My questions to you

  • Why did you start your blog ?
  • What do you think your blog has to offer that is different to any other bloggers ?
  • Which blogger do you read all the time ?
  • If you could go anywhere in the world tomorrow, where would you go and why ?
  • What is your favourite colour ?
  • What is one of your favourite movies of all time ?
  • What doesn’t your readers know about you ?
  • What modern gadget can’t you live without ?

And now it’s your turn to spread the blog love !

Leibster Award ♡ Discover New Bloggers 3



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I'm a South African Beauty, Lifestyle & Travel blogger and I'm currently finding myself in the Garden Route. A little town called Wilderness is home. I am a very proud dog mom, learning to love my curvy body and a 30 plus blogger.

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