BYS Cosmetics – 3D Glitter Nails
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BYS Cosmetics – 3D Glitter Nails

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This is one of the products that I purchased in the Philippines but I’ve never really used it.  I tried it out just after I purchased it but it didn’t really work that well, I didn’t have any of my nail tools with me on vacation so I just removed it. 3D Glitter Nails.

3D Glitter Nails

BYS Cosmetics - 3D Glitter Nails 4Yesterday I felt inspired and thought let me give it another go. I buffed and filed and got my nails all clean. The instructions just said to paint your nails and dip them into the glitter pot, wait 5 minutes to dry and then brush off the lose glitter with the enclosed brush (Which I lost, not surprise there haha) Previously what I did was I painted all the nails on one hand and then dipped it, this time I painted and dipped one at a time. They came out looking pretty nice but I would however suggest to do a second coat before dipping to get the enamel evenly opaque.

I sealed it with a top coat, which I thought would help, the previous time all the glitters fell off, but oh my, not even 2 hours later, after washing my hands the polish started peeling off, the top coat, with the glitter and some of the enamel. I was so disappointed, it looked so pretty, I am not sure if maybe my top coat and the BYS may not be compatible or if I need to include a base coat, but it shouldn’t be this hard to apply nail polish wanting it to last for more than a couple of hours. I will re try it soon and then do an updated post on the results, what do they always say? 3rd Time’s the charm ?

Update: I tried the glitter with another nail polish brand, same result, it lasted a little longer but it peeled off again so it must be the glitter that causes this to happen *sad face*

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Price 4/5
Quality 1/5
Effectiveness 4/5
I emailed BYS South Africa as I am not sure where these products can be purchased here but till now I haven’t gotten any feedback yet. If you know where these can be found please leave a comment!
Product Info From BYS AU Website:
Nail Polish Glitter For Nails Blizzard In Banff
Blizzard in Banff is a stunning white powder with hints of shimmering purple, pink & green that really brings the glitter to life.
Textured 3D nails are the latest trend and BYS delivers with BYS Glitter for Nails available in 11 eye catching colours giving you a truly textured look with more sparkle than ever before. BYS Glitter for nails is a simple 3 step process that leaves you with dazzling nails that look like you have had a professional manicure. The amazing kit includes three pieces; nail polish, a pot of same-toned glitter particles and an application brush. Simply paint your nails as normal then whilst the nail is still wet, dip your finger into the glitter pot and ensure that the nail is covered in a thick layer of glitter. Wait five minutes for your nail to dry, and then gently brush away any excess glitter around the cuticles and on the nail back into the pot. 3 simple steps, Paint, Dip and Brush to achieve beautifully sparkling nails. Could it be any simpler? Why not collect all of the shades to add amazing sparkle to any outfit and any occasion.
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