Aussie Hair – Hair Heaven In a Bottle
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Aussie Hair – Hair Heaven In a Bottle

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Today’s review is all about Aussie Hair 3 Minute Miracle Reconstructor Deep Conditioner. I was more than curious about this product and I did a little research. Aussie Hair.

Aussie Hair

Upon googling for the website, assuming that it would be an Australian registered domain, I discovered that the only things making this product Australian is the ingredients and the kangaroo on the logo. The Aussie Hair company is in fact founded by an American and the products get manufactured by Procter and Gamble an American company and the market focus falls on Britain and the USA.

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Aussie Hair 3 Minute Miracle Reconstructor Deep Conditioner:
The packaging of this product is unlike any hair product I’ve ever used, you just peel off the sticker at the bottom of the bottle and easily squeeze out some of the product. It closes back up and doesn’t leak out at all, it is really convenient, especially in the shower, no time wasted with screwing on and off and popping open of caps.

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Squeeze out self seal bottom

The scent is absolutely amazing, it smells almost like bubblegum, but not the blue bubblegum scent you usually get from a milkshake from a fast food place, but more like a soft pink gourmet bubblegum.

The consistency is really nice and thick but not heavy.

Aussie Hair - Hair Heaven In a Bottle 6
Light pink conditioner

Before this conditioner my hair was really damaged by highlighting and stripping off a dark colour, dry and dull, full of split ends that made me cringe just looking at them.

Aussie Hair - Hair Heaven In a Bottle 7
Dry dull hair with many split ends

After the first use I could already notice a HUGE difference, my hair was soft, lush, shiny and nearly all the split ends where gone. I kept using it daily and I was sitting this morning for about 20 minutes in the sun trying to find split ends but there where none to be found, anywhere! Miracle in a bottle! All thanks to the Australian mint balm used in the conditioner.

Aussie Hair - Hair Heaven In a Bottle 8
My hair after I used this product, I just washed
and dried with a round brush. It is so shiny and soft

Hooray! My hair has been saved, I was close to having a huge piece cut off just to get rid of all the dry split ends. So happy I tried this product first. Worth every cent spent on it!

How do you use it ?

  • Just wash your hair with your regular shampoo, or you can choose one of the Aussie shampoos, they are a bit pricey though, but on my wish list.
  • Apply a “splodge” of conditioner to your hair, massage in, wait 1 – 3 minutes and rinse off with warm water.
  • Enjoy your soft happy hair!
I highly, highly recommend this if you are in a desperate damaged hair state.
Aussie Hair - Hair Heaven In a Bottle 9
Price 5/5
Quality 5/5
Effectiveness 5/5


Product info from the Aussie website:
Is your hair pleading for some TLC?
Help is at hand – and in a hurry! In a matter of minutes this little wonder will help reconstruct damaged hair, smoothing and soothing and leaving it manageable, shiny and as ready to
party as you are!
Meet an Aussie marvel
Australian Balm Mint. Never heard of it? No worries, just say ‘pleased to meet you’ and your hair will be eternally grateful. It’s part of our magical, miraculous formula that helps mend split ends and repair roughened cuticles.
Aussie Hair - Hair Heaven In a Bottle 10



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