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  • All about perfume

    All about perfume

    Recently I have been posting a lot of fragrance reviews, but how many of us really know perfumes inside and out ? So today’s post is all about Perfume!

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    Fragrance products are composed of aromatic compounds or esters (or their man-made equivalents), dissolved in a combination of alcohol and water. The amount of composites (called “perfume oil” or “essential fragrance”) to water and alcohol determines whether the product is a cologne, eau de toilette, eau de parfum or parfum.

    All about perfume

    This is the cheapest perfume available, it contains 2% – 5% of perfume composites. It also doesn’t last very long.
    Eau de Toilette:
    This contains 5% – 8% of perfume composites and is probably the one most of us buy, as it is affordable and lasts a decent amount of time.
    Eau de Parfum:
    This contains 8% – 15% of perfume composites, it lasts really long but gets a bit pricey.
    This is the most purest form of perfume that is available, containing 15% – 40% of perfume composites.  This is the most expensive and usually comes in very small bottles.
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    Ok now that we know the different types of perfume strengths lets take a closer look into what perfume notes are. Fragrances develop in 3 stages. Top Notes, Heart/Middle Notes and Base Notes.
    All about perfume Top Notes:
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    This is the first thing you smell when you spray your perfume and lasts 8 – 15 minutes.
    All about perfume Heart/Middle Notes: 
    These are the main elements of your perfume and you best smell it about 30 minutes after application.
    All about perfume Base Notes: 
    These scents come through after the perfume has been on your skin for a while.
    There are many different types of perfumes available, and everyone has a favorite.
    Citrus: These perfumes has a tangy essence of citrus fruits. Wear a citrus perfume when you meet up with your friends for a shopping trip or going to a baby shower.  ~ CK One by Calvin Klein
    Floral: These perfumes has a sweet and romantic scent. Wear a floral perfume when meeting your boyfriends parents or whenever you would like to present yourself as sweet and innocent. ~ Estée Lauder’s Beautiful.
    Fruity: These perfumes has a fresh and spicy scent. Wear a fruity perfume when going on a first date, or dinner out. ~ DKNY’s Be Delicious
    Green: These perfumes has a natural and energetic scent. Wear a green perfume when going to an outside event. ~ Charlie by Revlon
    Oceanic: These perfumes has a crisp and fresh scent and is very new to the perfume scene. Wear an oceanic perfume when going to a job interview. ~ Cool Water Woman by Davidoff
    Oriental: These perfumes has an exotic and very feminine scent. Wear when you want to make an impression on a night out. ~ Estee Lauder’s Intuition
    Spicy: These perfumes has a sugar ans spice scent. Wear when meeting your children’s teachers or on a lunch date with a hunky man. ~ Coco Perfume for Women by Chanel
    Woody: These perfumes smell of bark and moss. Wear to meetings at work, it is perfect for the corporate office. ~ Chanel No. 19
    On a side note, never store your perfume in direct sunlight.
    Lastly, how should you apply your perfume ? Here are the Do’s and Don’ts
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    Perfume should be applied on your pulse points, these are the parts on your body where the blood vessels are closets to the skin. Your skin is warmer here and helps to release your scent. These areas include your wrists, inner elbows, behind your knees, between your breasts and behind your ears. Do not apply the perfume directly behind your ears as the oils there will interfere with the scent of the perfume.
    Always apply perfume after you had a shower and are all clean and fresh. First apply a moisturizer, this will help your perfume stick to your skin. If you don’t have the same moisturizer as your perfume use one that doesn’t have any scent! This is really important, never mix scents. Also apply your perfume before you get dressed and put jewellery on, some perfumes may stain. Spray your perfume 20 – 30cm away from your skin. If you spray to close you end up with a wet pool and this is a waste. Never rub your pulses together after spraying, this causes you to squash the scent and it would influence how the perfume smells.
    And remember….. Less is More!
    All about perfume
    All about perfume

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